Character Back-Story
*Nentir Vale Backgrounds are available
*Each character will have a pre-existing relationship with another character. The selection of which characters have a pre-existing relationships will be determined by the DM, but the players can define the relationship.
*Characters should have a history, an alignment and a source of inspiration.

Character Creation
*Order: Josh, Rich, Chris, Courtney, Robert, Chase, Other invitees as accepted
*Roles preference: Have one of each of the four roles and at least 1 hybrid.
*No character can be of the same background, class, paragon path or epic destiny as another.
*No Monster Races (Kobolds, Goblins, Kenku etc.)

Character Features
*Region-Specific Options are not available, including backgrounds
*Only Essentials characters have access to essentials options
*Retraining rules are restricted as per the original Dungeon Master’s Guide, with a single rebuild within your class once per lifetime.

Character Death
*Revenant: Return as your same character but blessed by the Raven Queen as a revenant
*Apprentice: Allow your apprentice to step forth in your stead. Apprentices will gain 2x experience points until they reach party-level. This will in effect be even higher than normal since the lower level character will be gaining XP for higher level encounters as well as the doubling factor.
*Death Penalty: When possible, if your character can be raised from the dead, you will suffer the normaly death penalty as per the DMG.

*Role is the same as their Master, though class may differ.
*Gained at Level 8
*Level is equal to their Master’s level -5.

Special Quests
Each character with high attendance will be given a special quest they can perform to achieve an extra feature or benefit. Surviving and completing the quest will yeild the benefit. Character death will cause the benefit to be lost but new benefits can be gained.

*Not available: Dragonshards, Sunrods
*Not for sale: Rings, Boons, Immurements, Intelligent items, Wonderous Items
*Items will use the rarity system (Common, Uncommon, Rare and Unique) to describe their availability and resale value in the world.
*Limited Quantities: Characters can only carry a certain amount of certain kinds of items at a time: Alchemical Items=4;Consumables=2;Reagents=2;Potions=2;Soulfangs=1;Whetstones=1


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