The worlds-spanning Dungeons & DragonsĀ® event

From the darkness of a ruined universe comes the source of a new evil
A few scattered points of light shine in the expanding darkness that spreads across an ancient world. With sword and spell, heroes battle monsters that threaten to extinguish the fragile light of civilization forever…

Abyssal plague cast

The Abyssal Plague is an event that spans the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons. Seven novels and a five-part novella tell its story across three worlds, and its insidious reach extends into roleplaying products such as Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale and future seasons of D&D Encounters. Characters playing in this campaign will live the entire epic event as it unfolds.

Gates of madness    Mark of nerath

The Plague Strikes
Temple of yellow skulls    Oath of vigilance

The Plague Spreads
Sword of the gods    Under the crimson sun    Shadowbane

Abyssal Plague

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